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    Change a bracelet of my watch

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    I went to the shop to change my bracelet of my Oris divewatch. I had to leave it behind because there was no time. Fine. When I picked it up after a week there was clearly damage done to the watch. Indentations of hammering the pin back into the watch. So now my watch that had just light effects of wear now had severe damage of wear.
    I still thought. Ok this can happen but it was this reason I did not do it myself!
    I told the lady at the shop about this misfortune.
    Her reaction was appalling. She said: but this is what happens when you change a bracelet! It has to be hammered in....WHAT???? So I kindly told her I was disappointed. But she kept on going it was normal.
    No self reflection what so ever. So they will not learn from this mistake. And that is why I write this review.

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